Stud Farm History

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The stud Marin Garcia began in 1931 with the purchase on the part of Mr. José Marin and Ayala a few mares PRE to the gentlemens Campo De Varela, of Castilleja del Campo, a province of Seville; mares with which they certainly opened the newly acquired farm and now famous " El Zancarrón ".

In 1966, Mr. José Marin and Ayala bought on the herd Baones Brothers, in the Borough of Almonaster the Real, also in Huelva, one of bellied lot of mares. These mares lots were mated with stallions of the II Deposit of Jerez de la Frontera.(Cadiz).

In mid-1967, by death of Mr. José Marin and Ayala, livestock was renamed "Sons of Jose Marin and Ayala", remaining with it until the date of 1981, in which two of its owners sold their share Several farmers, among whom, and with an outstanding consignment appearing Jose Ignacio Jimenez Montegui of Alicante. This restructuring led to the definitive restructuring the company, remaining as the sole owner and proprietor of livestock Jose Luis Marin Garcia, who has been named the same until the current date of his death in January 2001. From now on the herd is managed by his sons, going to be called "Yeguada Marin Garcia".
  Yeguada Marín García

More representative exemplaries

They have excelled among their products male specimens such as: Nene V, Navarro V, Navarro VI, Navarro VII, Uraño, Uraño II, Pampero V, Sevillano IX, Nevado XI, Pampero VII, Cuatrero, Kabileño VIII…. Among females, no one is unfamiliar names like: Zancarronera, Trovadora, Pampera II, Yaca III, Zangolotina, Cazurra, Oficiala XI, Navarra VII, Nena V, Nevada V, Sevillana XVIII, Uraña IV, Hacendada IV, Elegida XIX, Hermosa, Cuatrera, Kabila X, Engañosa II, Cañera….

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This herd is characterized by lines of dapple gray and chestnut coats. Ram-head, copies of great height, corpulence and an excellent functional qualities fruit which has excelled in numerous competitions.
The herd currently has about 60 troops in total. From which we can draw as stallions:
  • Pampero VII (Stallion Qualified)
  • Cazurro VI
  • Engañoso VIII (Stallion Qualified)


Cattle ranching has attended all competitions held in Seville since 1980 (Club Pineda) and all SICAB, obtaining the following awards and trophies:
  • First prize and gold medals: 9
  • Second prize and silver medals: 5
  • Third prize Bronze medals: 2
  • Fourth prize and bronze medals: 5
  • Fifth prize and bronze medals: 4


Have been acquired copies of the livestock for their magnificent qualities of movement and functionality at the national level, Latin America, France, Germany, Britain and the United States.

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